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About us

We move images that move people.
With content that sparks inspiration across every channel.
And stories that inform, touch, and delight.
We’re atkon, the Corporate Content Company.




What we do

We work for companies that have something to say.
Our teams are made up of strategists, consultants, copywriters and editors, filmmakers, designers, producers, film editors, programmers, and social media managers who work together to develop relevant content that meets your target groups wherever they are.


Strategy and concept

Our consultants find out what your target groups think about companies, products, and brands. Because before we start producing, we want to know who the communication should reach and what its impact should be That’s how we develop ideas and concepts that are relevant and focused.


Creation and editing

Orchestrating stories across all media – that’s only possible when creatives and editors work side by side. That’s how we discover and develop the stories that get people talking about your company. For over 14 years now and running.


Production and programming

Like no other medium, videos and films are changing the world of communication. Producing them is our passion; embedding them in the right digital environment is our expertise. We offer one-stop service that used to be covered by different production and digital agencies.


Distribution and performance

Never before have companies produced so many videos. Our tools make it easy to manage them – on your intranet, on YouTube, Facebook, or your website. And to make sure your contents are marketed as effectively as possible, we also offer SEO, tracking, and seeding.





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Doha, State of Qatar, P.O. Box 24863

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